Medium Networks (20–50 nodes)



Number of nodes: 46
Number of arcs: 70
Number of parameters: 162
Average Markov blanket size: 3.04
Average degree: 3.04
Maximum in-degree: 4

RDA ( (8.61kB)
RDS ( (8.61kB)

Adapted from the GeneNet package (link).

J. Schafer and K. Strimmer (2005). A Shrinkage Approach to Large-Scale Covariance Matrix Estimation and Implications for Functional Genomics. Statistical Applications in Genetics and Molecular Biology, 4(32).


Number of nodes: 44
Number of arcs: 66
Number of parameters: 154
Average Markov blanket size: 9.68
Average degree: 3
Maximum in-degree: 9

RDA ( (65kB)
RDS ( (65kB)

M. Scutari, P. Howell, D. J. Balding and I. Mackay (2014). Multiple Quantitative Trait Analysis Using Bayesian Networks. Genetics, 198(1), 129-137.