Medium Networks (20–50 nodes)



Number of nodes: 37
Number of arcs: 46
Number of parameters: 509
Average Markov blanket size: 3.51
Average degree: 2.49
Maximum in-degree: 4

BIF (1.8kB)
DSC (1.7kB)
NET (1.3kB)
RDA ( (2.1kB)
RDS ( (1.1kB)

I. A. Beinlich, H. J. Suermondt, R. M. Chavez, and G. F. Cooper. The ALARM Monitoring System: A Case Study with Two Probabilistic Inference Techniques for Belief Networks. In Proceedings of the 2nd European Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Medicine, pages 247-256. Springer-Verlag, 1989.


Number of nodes: 48
Number of arcs: 84
Number of parameters: 114005
Average Markov blanket size: 5.25
Average degree: 3.5
Maximum in-degree: 4

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Preliminary model for barley developed under the project: "Production of beer from Danish malting barley grown without the use of pesticides" by Kristian Kristensen , Ilse A. Rasmussen and others.


Number of nodes: 20
Number of arcs: 25
Number of parameters: 230
Average Markov blanket size: 3.00
Average degree: 1.25
Maximum in-degree: 2

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DSC (1.3kB)
NET (1.1kB)
RDA ( (1.8kB)
RDS ( (1.8kB)

D. J. Spiegelhalter, R. G. Cowell (1992). Learning in probabilistic expert systems. In Bayesian Statistics 4 (J. M. Bernardo, J. 0. Berger, A. P. Dawid and A. F. M. Smith, eds.), 447-466. Clarendon Press, Oxford.


Number of nodes: 27
Number of arcs: 52
Number of parameters: 984
Average Markov blanket size: 5.19
Average degree: 3.85
Maximum in-degree: 3

BIF (3.7kB)
DSC (3.1kB)
NET (2.4kB)
RDA ( (3.7kB)
RDS ( (3.7kB)

J. Binder, D. Koller, S. Russell, and K. Kanazawa. Adaptive Probabilistic Networks with Hidden Variables. Machine Learning, 29(2-3):213-244, 1997.


Number of nodes: 35
Number of arcs: 46
Number of parameters: 540150
Average Markov blanket size: 4.57
Average degree: 2.63
Maximum in-degree: 3

BIF (191kB)
DSC (187kB)
NET (164kB)
RDA ( (234kB)
RDS ( (234kB)

A. L. Jensen and F. V. Jensen. MIDAS - An Influence Diagram for Management of Mildew in Winter Wheat. Proceedings of the Twelfth Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence (UAI1996), pages 349–356.


Number of nodes: 32
Number of arcs: 66
Number of parameters: 10083
Average Markov blanket size: 7.69
Average degree: 4.12
Maximum in-degree: 5

BIF (25kB)
DSC (23kB)
NET (6kB)
RDA ( (18kB)
RDS ( (18kB)

F. V. Jensen, U. Kjærulff, K. G. Olesen and J. Pedersen. Et Forprojekt Til et Ekspertsystem for Drift af Spildevandsrensning (An Expert System for Control of Waste Water Treatment - A Pilot Project). Technical Report, Judex Datasystemer A/S, Aalborg, 1989. In Danish.